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11 June 1987
Hm, well, let's see:

- My name's Leanna, but I go by Lea, Lulu, or Lanna. It matters not.
- I am 21-years-old and live in Stirling, ON.
- I am going to college and studying print journalism for two years.
- I'm unemployed at the moment, but that's because I've tried to juggle work and school before; it didn't work out so well.
- I have seven brothers, two sisters.
- I'm a bonified music nerd.
- I overanalyze everything, making me the cynical and skeptical person that I am.
- I'd rather work for a community newspaper/magazine than work for, say, The Toronto Star. Oh, and preferably not a daily. A newspaper would have to have an extensive staff to do that.
- I'm usually a grammar nazi, but I still make typos. Although, I try to avoid too many.
- I have an obsession with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Seriously, that man is hot.
- Accents are a turn-on.
- I like to doodle, but I am no artist by any means.
- I have white lashes on one eye. It's pretty freaky, if I do say so myself.
- I like to read, but I haven't been able to do much of that lately.
- I like stationary. Yup, you heard me correctly - pens, paper, etc.
- I prefer letters over e-mails.
- I'm generally nice, but I have a fiery temper and sometimes take things to heart.

Is that good enough for now? It is for me anyway.